​Tengeki Cinematoron

NEW possibility for movies


映像制作支援団体「天影公司( Ten-ei consu )」プロデュースの自主映画専門映画館です。

<What's Tengeki Cinematoron?>

Here is new platform for new film culture. 

Also we are indepence movie theater produced by Ten-ei consu which is movie making support team.

We are the first theater in the world where people can see the movie if they can gather at lease four people  to make reservation. We named this "reverse nomination roadshow style

You can decide which movie should be long run and when to be shown.

Love cinema

​<Tengeki news>

We have a shop card and stamp card at LINE. Please join and get the point for the prize now!


Meet the team

Representative Organizer & Actor

Jun Amanto

​Managing Director & MC & Dancer

Rina Takahashi

Equipment Manager & Actor

Hiroshi Yoshida

Event Coordinator & Actor 

Yasuhiro Takemoto

Student intern Advertiser

Naoki Tsuta

PA Advisor & Singer

Rika Tamura